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Congratulations to Nicole Koegel - she is Lightning Sugar Dixi's new mom! Wishing her all the best. I know this is a true match and good team. Wishing her the best and thankful that DIxi will be under Nicole's care!



It’s hard to put into words or a post all the emotions and results from this past weekend at the 2018 NPBA FINALS. But here we go… We started by honoring Bob Lloyd as he was inducted into the NPBA Hall of Fame and received the Sportmanship Award. All the horses we took (4) Redneck Rio, Bullzeye Bob, Lightning Sugar Dixi and Lottery Time Bulzeye placed and won money over the weekend…and our nephew Braeden (Brady) Hart did amazing with his 2 horses Must Be A Redneck and TT Redneck Legend. So Redneck Rio started off running 19.7- 2nd in the 1st go of 197 head in the Open 4D, ended up 2nd overall in the Average…and then thriller was the World’s Fastest Pole Bending on Saturday night…when by .003 – he was 2nd again running a 19.846 – BTW- Congrats to Nathan Peoples and Lightning Sky Bar on the 19.843! Kelly and Dixi placed in the 2D on Saturday with 20.828 and Lottery Time Bulzeye won the 2D in Sponsor/Director Race on Friday with a 21.0. Then there was our nephew Brady…back again to defend his Youth Title…on his 1st run in youth he smoked a 19.917 and with a tough 50 more kids, came back in the 2nd go to run a clean 20.2 and take the 1D title and win another Saddle! Proud of him! So that leaves Bullzeye Bob, the horse we call Jax. He also ran 2nd on Saturday in the Futurity/Jr. Poles out of 48 horses with a 20.303. But this year, the NPBA 3D Futurity was in Memory of Bob Lloyd. And for those of you that don’t already know this, Bob was Brannon’s best friend. So on Sunday…the LAST class was the Futurity class, and Brannon & Jax were 4th from last to run. Oh… yes, he WON it. But it was more than just a win. The then, the place was a ghost town…the show was over…but there was an ANGEL still there…Hugs Lloyd Family.:


At the Kentucky NPBA Regional Show -Redneck Rio and Brannon - made the winning run out of 92 in the class.... and his 20.1 was the fastest time of the weekend!

Brannon and Redneck Rio WON (20.3) the Amateur Poles and Kelly and Lightning Sugar Dixi took 4th (21.1) at the 2018 AQHA Houston Livestock Show. Then at Diamonds and Dirt in Waco,Texas Kelly and Dixi took home some prizes and money as well. 

A special Thank you to Trent and Amy Tobin - for letting us purchase another great son of Redneck Jet, Redneck Rio. Brannon and his new mount, Rio didn't take long to team up, and they won the weekend of Pole Bending at the WB Ranch Oct. 13th & 14th clocking 20.0 and a 19.9.  We look forward to seeing Rio compete in the next couple months as he's got a busy schedule - Congress and the AQHA World!

This is Bittersweet News -   as we say goodbye to one amazing and incredible horse we had the pleasure to train, show and own - Vinny...yes, Dans Flaming Venture. And we wish Taylor Bang and his family of Killdeer, North Dakota the very best as they go on and  compete with Vinny. We hope to hear good news in the HS Rodeo area from Taylor's daughters. Congrats and best wishes to them!


NPBA FINALS! What an amazing show. The BEST Pole Bending in the Country! 175 Open Pole horses...WOW! Brannon and Vinny  ran 2nd in the 1st go, and Won the Amateur 1st go with a blazing run of 19.549... 103 over tough competitors. Kelly and Dixi ran 20.6 and were in the 2D but the one we want to brag about is our nephew...BRADY HART and his horse TRIGGER! They were the YOUTH 1D Champions - winning the average and a saddle! Super proud of this team! Congrats! IT was a wonderful show - the whole event was great!


The APRIL issue of Barrel Horse News recaps it all - yes, he did it AGAIN! Brannon and Vinny - Dans Flaming Venture - Won the Timed Event Challege Pole Bending at the Fort Worth Stock Show on Feburary 1st 2017 running a 19.98.


To Recap 2016 is going to be very fun... quite the excellent year for the Riley family! Dans Flaming Venture aka "Vinny" was on fire most of the summer - and litterally couldn't be beat in the poles. He had the fastest times starting in June at the NPBA Finals, to the Rebel Soule Show in July at the State Fair Grounds in Syracuse, NY to the Kentucky State Fair Show in August and the KISS/NPBA Regional Show in Falmouth, Kentucky. Vinny did a complete sweep at Loiusville - he won all the classed he entered! He also showed his barrel racing skills in New York, and in Louisville, besting the fastest barrel time both at the Ky State Fair in August and back at the NAILE in November. He was Reserve Champion at the AAQH Congress in Junior Poles and Reserve Champion in the Average in the Pole Bending Sweepstakes, and then went to Oklahoma be be crowned Reserve AQHA Jr Pole Champion. Brannon and Vinny had another record setting year in 2016!

Big Brother Tucker - Speeed Ball Tucker also picked up a resesrve in Sr. Poles at the Ky State Fair, placed at Congress, and was fortunate to get a new owner this year - Lyle Putnam of New York. We are happy for this new team and expect great things for them!

Kelly and Lightning Sugar Dixi found their groove late in the year, as they placed 12th in both the Amateur and Junior Poles at the Quarter Horse Congress, then went on to OKC at the AQHA World Show and ended up 5th in Jr Poles and 9th in Amateur Poles.

Keeping it in the Family'

Kip -Patrick Riley - Wow! 2016 - he OWNED this year. We are so thrilled and happy for Brannon's brother - a lifelong dream - he WON the AQHA Select World Champion in Showmanship and then went to Columbus and WON the Congress Showmanship class, and was Reserve in Select  Horsemanship, with his amazing horse Solo Invested! He has been leading the NATION all year in both classes and will end the year as the leading select amateur exhibitor. Very impressive....and quite an accomplishment!

And our Niece and Nephew,  Morgan and Brady Hart - their 1st time showing at the QH Congress with their horse "Trigger" - Must Be A Redneck - and they both place everytime they ran! Morgan was 12th in Novice Amateur Poles and Brady was 4th in Youth Poles, and Reserve Champion in Novice Amateur Poles!

Special Award

The NPBA (National Pole Bending Association) Finals 2016 were a very special one this year for us! We kicked off the weekend with  a huge honor as Brannon was inducted into the NPBA Hall of Fame as Exhibitor. He was given his award by his longtime pole bending "idol" and 13 time AQHA World Champion, Mr. Ross Caranahan (pictured). Along with his induction, Kelly read a speech about Brannon's accomplishment' s and also put together a video that went with that speech. The NPBA Hall of Fame video for Brannon Riley's induction can be seen on YouTube https://youtu.be/Hu2Yl2VLuys

  Brannon and Ross at the Hall of Fame Banquet   Kelly &Brannon at  NPBA Hall of Fame

Little did we know it, but the weekend proved to be even more memorable as Brannon and his 5 yr old gelding, Dans Flaming Venture "Vinny" sweep both go's of the Futurity Poles and had the fastest time of the entire weekend with a 19.352!!!  I can't leave out he also was reserve in the Amateur Pole Average on Speeed Ball Tucker.

 Brannon & Vinny at the 2016 NPBA Finals - Cloverdale, IN  Watch the run here!

 NEWS! As of JULY 1st 2016 the Riley Brothers are leading the nation in their special event in AQHA! Patrick "Kip" Riley leads the nation in Amateur Select (level 3) Showmanship with his horse Solo Invested, and is also in the top 12 in Am. Select Western Horsemanship.  Brannon currently leads the nation in Amateur Poles (level 3) on Dans Flaming Venture, and is in the top 5 in Jr. Horse Poles. He is also in the top 20 in Sr. Poles on Speeed Ball Tucker. Congrats to Kip on his amazing year so far!

 Patrick "Kip" Riley - Showmanship in winning style!   Kip Riley - (Brannon's Brother) showing Solo Invested


To BRANNON & DANS FLAMING VENTURE! They WON the AQHA Jr. Poles at the Houston Livestock Show & then went on to the Diamonds and Dirt $10,000 added Pole Bending Sweepstakes and took 4th the 1st go and then 2nd in the 2nd go! Kicking off 2016 in good form!

2016... Again...Dans Flaming Ventutre likes the Ft. Worth Stock Show. He won the AQHA Amateur Pole Bending Class. Tucker also picked up some points & was in the top 10 in the Challenge.

UNBELIEVABLE....  Repeat at Congress! SPEEED BALL TUCKER and Brannon again won the Amateur Pole Bending Class at the 2015 Quarter Horse Congress, but this win was even more special as younger brother DANS FLAMING VENTURE (both geldings are sired by Bulzeye Dan) clocked right behind Tucker to take Reserve Champion!

Winning runs in the family- Congrats to Brannon's brother Patrick "Kip" Riley as he rounded out his amazing show year in style at the AAQHC with an impressive 3rd place in the Amateur Select Showmanship Class! So proud of this team! We look forward to seeing them in the winners circle in 2016!

 Kip & Mac

 Congrats to our nephew Brady Hart and his horse Trigger - 2015  Ohio State 4H Stake Race CHAMPIONS and 3rd place in the Keyhole Race! Woot Woot!

The  hot streak contined at Diamonds & Dirt Pole Bending, and at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's AQHA show where Dans Flaming Venture and Brannon won the Jr. Poles and won the Amateur Barrels. They took home 2 all around belt buckles as well!

DANS FLAMING VENTURE! Started out 2015 on a MAJOR Roll... "Vinny" as we call him, WON the Jud Little Fast Five Amateur Pole Bending and then WON the overall Pole Bending Challenge at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo AQHA Show in January/February.

Ft Worth


 OOPS! THEY DID IT AGAIN... Speeed Ball Tucker was again the Reserve Champion in Jr. Horse Poles (19.981) at the 2014 Quarter Horse Congress! Brannon & "Tucker" also were finalist in the Pole Bending Sweepstakes.

Brannon & Tucker ~   WON the National Pole Bending Assoc (NPBA) Amateuer Pole Bending Average in 2014 in Cloverdale with an average of 19.7 on 2 runs. In 2014 they earned 3rd Place in Jr Horse Pole Bending at the AQHA World Show  in Oklahoma City. They followed that up by WINNING the NAILE Amatuer Pole Bending Class in Louisville, Ky.  Congrats on another amazing year!

 To Creighton Ellison - she is Mahogonys Undertaker, "Emma's" new owner! We are very excited to see what this pair team up for the HS Rodeo circuit  in South Carolina. Best Wishes!

Creighton and Emma

  To our nephew BRYCE HART!!!  Bryce made it to the Ohio Jr High STATE Wrestling Tournament!  We are proud of him!

   Bryce - Cloverleaf Wrestling

Brannon & Speeed Ball Tucker peaked at the perfect time! The team WON Amateur Poles and was Reserve Champion in Jr Poles at the All American Quarter Horse Congress!  Watch the runs here: http://youtu.be/WEloKcoCvjM

    Brannon Riley Pole Bending Champion Congress

They  continued their streak with a Reserve Championship in Jr Poles at the AQHA WORLD Show in 2013!!!  What a year!


On a sad note, Pete, the well known traveling Jack Russell of Kelly's went to Heaven on June 12, 2013. He was almost 19 years old, and lived a healthy and happy life.  RIP

On a happy note, Brannon and Kelly become parents again...with the crazy little brindle Jack Russell Terrier, SPARKY LEE!   He was a hit at the QH Congress, and believed to be a lucky "Spark"!


To Brannon Riley & HALEY JOS CHARM, on 3rd Place at the 2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress in Senior Poles!

To our nephew, Brady Hart and She's Wild & Cool, aka "Ruby" - Medina Co. Fair 2012 All Around Contest Champion!

    Brady & Ruby

  To Kip Riley on another successful year of showing! Kip & My Chips are on the Table, aka "Candy" were impressive!

  Kip & Candy - AAQH Congress...

  Horses of RPH

SOLD!   Mahoganys Undertaker, "Emma" - Congratulations to Creighton Ellison!  Best wishes to this amazing team at they compete in HS Rodeo in South Carolina!

 SOLD! Ona Easy Jet Routine, "Rudy" - 5 yr. old AQHA  gelding,  Incentive Fund &  Ky BIF. Solid 20 second pole horse.  Click here for video link  More runs of Rudy - video Link

  NEW this year in AQHA for Amateur Riders- the Stake RACE!  View Kelly & Emma's Youtube Video Here!

Congratulations to Kelly and Mahoganys Undertaker - the 2011 AQHA High Point Limited Rider Pole Bending Champion. What a great year for them!

Congratulations to Brannon and Haley Jos Charm - January 2012 AQHA Circuit Champ in Amateur Pole Bending at Chuck & Lauri Given's - Richmond, Ky AQHA show series. 

Brannon & "Cruise" were also on track as they then headed to the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show in Texas. They finished 2nd in the Jud Little Fast Five, and in the Timed Event Challenge - Pole Bending were 5th and 9th. 

 "I SEE CHICKS" - look for this upcoming Barrel Futurity Colt in 2012, trained by RPH.

  The Riley Family

 Patrick "Kip" Riley  WON the  AQHA Ohio Justin Rookie of the Year in 2011, and was 6th in the nation in Justin Rookie Amateur ages 31-49 . Congrats to him and Darkend, aka "Dallas"!

 Chance Riley is an accomplished professional bull rider with too many titles to list.

           Chance Riley





List of AQHA World Show Champions & Reserve Champions in Pole Bending and Barrel Racing from 1999 - 2011
















































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