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Our Horses ~ Present and Past


REDNECK RIO (2013 Gelding, Redneck Jet x Rios Sugar Doll)



Lottery Time Bulzeye (2014 Mare, Bulzeye Dan x Little Joey Time)

Lottie & Kelly 18 Lottie & Kelly - Directors/Sponsors Race NPBA 2108

Lottie 2017  Lottie Spring 17

Bullzeye Bob (2014 Gelding, Bulzeye Dan x Abbys Shadow)

 Jax & Brannon NPBA 18  Jax Win at NPBA 2018  Jaxx 2016


Dashing Red Man (2016 Gelding, Super Fame x Dinkys Hell Cat)

Dashing Red Man   9 -2017


Past Horses of Riley Performance Horses (RPH)

  Lightning Sugar Dixi (2011 Mare, Lightning Sugar Bull x TJ Tru Berry)


 Dixi & Kelly's Pole Runs on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bHH1W3LBx-Y

        Kelly & Dixi at NPBA Finals   Kelly and Dixi at 2016 AQHA World



 Dans Flaming Venture (2011 Gelding, Bulzeye Dan x Jazy Venture Too)

Congrats and best wishes to Taylor Bang and his family of North Dakota on Vinny's new home!

        Watch Brannon & Vinny's 19.352 Pole Run - Fastest time of the entire weekend - at the 2016 NPBA Finals

      "Vinny"   Brannon & Vinny at 2016 NPBA Finals

Brannon & Vinny NPBA Finals 2016Brannon & Vinny Winning Jr & Amateur Barrels at  Ky State Fair 2016


Speeed Ball Tucker  (2009 gelding, Bulzeye Dan x Firewater Done Gone)

 We are so happy that Tucker will be with his new home & family in New York...Best Wishes to Lyle Putnam & Jackie Miller!

Our sincere condolences to Lyle and Jackie as we learned in the spring of 2017 Tucker is now is heaven. RIP Speeed Ball Tucker. We send our sympathy to them as we know they gave Tucker a loving home and the best of care. 

                                                     WATCH some of Tuckers Amazing Runs from 2013 on YouTube!   http://youtu.be/WEloKcoCvjM   

       2015 Tucker & Vinny    Tucker Win QH CONGRESS

  Brannon &Tucker 2016 NPBA Finals

Hoof Hearted Man (2007 Gelding, Bulzeye Dan x Skip Scoot N Scamper)  -

Bugs Stickintothebar (2014 Gelding, Circlebar Readytorun x Stickin to Her Story)

 Maxx 2016  Maxx summer 2016

CHARLIESTWISTEDFROST (2010 Gelding, Peppy Little Disco x TC Chantella Star)

 Charliestwistedfrost Bo

Whos Ur Poppa  (2011 Gelding, Pops Honor x  Www Dot Stung) WATCH  VIDEO on YouTube aka "Bobby Earl" -

     Bobby Earl


Digging For Fame (2012 Gelding, Famous Jr x Nutmeg Gold)

Ima Redneck Chick (2008 mare, Redneck Jet x Bills Itchy Chick)

MAHOGANYS UNDERTAKER (2005 mare, Undertaker Billy x Mahoganys Magnolia)

EMMA 2011 Reserve Congress 

Bulzeye Kowolski (2007 gelding, Bulzeye Dan x Isle Blue Moon)

TT Redneck Redeye (2009 gelding, Redneck Jet x NMSU Kelsey CJ)


Hes Out On Parole (2006 Gelding, Ragtime Jet x Allens Sugar Chick)

 Hes out on Parole - Bandit

HALEY JOS CHARM* aka Cruise, (2003 gelding, Undertaker Billy x Eclipse of Time) WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE watch Cruise!


CRUISE - 2009 
  Congress  Champ,  2009  AQHA  World  Champ



WATCH VIDEO on Youtube of Rudy "Ona Easy Jet Routine" & Poles

WATCH VIDEO - on Youtube more runs of Rudy - Poles & Barrels


Vwatch SMK     JANI                  TRIP 2007 
        Reserve        Congress        Champ

Vwatch Oscar          OSCAR              MAGGS


ALLY - 2003, 

2005 Congress Champ, 2006 AQHA World Champ

DISCO                    JINK

FOLLY           CUTIE

SHOWDOWN - 1995 Congress Champ, 1997 AQHA World Champ


  • "LESS RETURN"  - Congress Champion Jr. Barrels, Top Barrel Futurity Horse
  • "HOPES A STREAKIN" - Barrel Futurity Money Earner
  • "El NINO ADAMAS" - Barrel Futurity Money Earner, 20 second Pole Horse
  • "MITO LOTA CASH" - Barrel Futurity Money Earner
  • "IMA CUTTERS DUDE" -Multiple Congress Placer, Top Pole Horse
  • "BAR MEISTER" - 20 second Pole Horse
  • "RED RAY DOLA" - 20 second Pole Horse
  • "BRAYS EASY KITA" - 1D Barrel Horse
  • "JOETTA DRY" - Congress Placer
  • "MISSY BARS LADY" - Congress Placer
  • "TAURUS JINGO TOO" - aka,TJ -APHA STALLION - 19 second pole horse



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