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Boarding Barn with stalls & tack lockers

RPH is a private facility, and is geared toward speed-event horses and riders. Boarding is seasonal, typically running November through May. There are six stalls available for boarded horses. The separate boarding barn includes 10’ x12’ box stalls, each with a window that can be opened or closed. The stall doors are swing gates that are visibly open, so horses can see out as well. The barn is clean, spacious, well ventilated and well lit. The isles are concrete, and each stall that is boarded comes with access to a large private tack locker. Access to the two grassed pastures (weather permitting) and the indoor and outdoor arena is very close to the barn. A concrete wash area with a hitching post is located just outside of the barn. Boarders also have nearby access to the concrete manure pad to dump dirty bedding, and bagged shavings. Everything is set up for ease of use and accessibility, as well as for the health and well being of the horses. Boarders must have a signed Boarding Agreement , Release of Liability and agree to abide by the RPH Barn Rules & Guidelines . Please contact RPH to check if there are any open stalls available if interested. For current boarding fee's please click on the Barn Rules & Guidelines.


RPH is a private facility, and is geared toward speed-event horses and riders. RPH has limited times and hours for non-boarders to use the indoor arena. All guests and riders must have a signed release of liability prior to riding.Contact RPH for fees, hours and conditions if interested in hauling in and using the indoor arena. 


Brannon Riley has over 29 years of experience shoeing and trimming horses. He is extremely educated, having a lifelong understanding of horses. His knowledge of the horse’s hoof, conformation, soundness and performance make him a top notch farrier.He has shod his own horses, and knows what it takes to shoe champion performance horses. If you are interested in having Brannon work on your horse, you will need to contact him. Horses can be brought to the RPH facilities, or Brannon can visit your stable, depending on the location and driving distance.


RPH is equipped to haul equipment or horses. Having two safe, well maintained slant load goose neck horse trailers make hauling horses easy and convenient. Rest assured your horse will be hauled with an experienced horse person, and handled with care and safety.  Also available is a dovetail flatbed trailer that can be used to haul equipment, tractors, or miscellaneous items. Any hauling will depend on scheduling, and availability.


Brannon Riley has a B.S. degree in Accounting and over 24 years of experience preparing taxes and bookkeeping. Contact him if you are interested in his accounting services.


  Also for pick-up only : Bagged Shavings.  Large, 70+lb compressed shavings - good quality, no dust. $7/bag.







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